What's your professional profile? Find out with this simple quiz!

15/07/2021 | Santander Universidades

Not sure which direction to take your career in or feeling like you need a change? You're not alone. 56% of students have doubts about which occupation to go into, while one in four workers is not happy in their current job and would like to change direction.

If you want to discover what really interests you and what you're good at, here's a tool that allows you to delve deeper into your own values, interests, motivation and skills. Take this short 20-question, multiple choice occupational quiz. Choose the answer that best represents you and then find out the results!

Instructions to complete the test

Below is a series of questions that take a psycho-social approach, based on the Professional Interests and Preferences Test (PIP Test) by Mª. V. de la Cruz (1993) and the Inventory of Career Preferences (De Galilea, Pagola, 2001) to help you identify your professional profile. Follow the instructions below to complete this careers quiz and interpret the results:

1. Carefully read each question and all of the answers then choose the reply that you most identify with. Don't overthink it - your natural response will pop up automatically.

2. Once you've replied to these 20 questions, count up the number of times you've replied A, B, C or D.

3. When you have identified which letter is most often repeated in your answers, go to the end of the test.

4. At the end of the quiz, you'll find a short description of the four main professional profiles, according to theories promulgated by E. Ginzberg (Career Development Theory, 1972) and J.L. Holland (Typological Model, 1978). Discover which letter you’ve chosen most to learn more about the characteristics and skills that define you, the jobs and careers best suited to you, and some tips.


Mainly As: analytical-technical profile

The skills that best define you are order, logic and objectivity. You like to have everything under control and take your time before making a decision. You tend to be cautious, observant, coherent and consistent.

You're in your comfort zone when doing calculations, handling paperwork or resolving incidents, as long as you have the necessary tools and instructions. Otherwise, you are uncomfortable working without a plan and find it difficult to adapt to change. Meanwhile, dealing with people is not your strong point, but if it will help you to achieve your aims, you'll do it.

Some of the professions that require this profile are those related to science, engineering and technology.

Mainly Bs: social profile.

The skills that best define you are empathy, communication and extroversion. You enjoy interacting with others, supporting and being supported in decision-making. You are sensitive, supportive, committed and energetic.

You feel comfortable being in contact with others, you like to generate wellbeing and produce benefits through your deeds. Conversely, you don't feel comfortable working in cold or conflictive environments, especially if these prevent you from enjoying your work. Further, neutrality is not your strong point, sometimes you get emotionally involved and can be subjective.

Some of the professions that best match your skills are those related to medicine, education, business and marketing, among others.

Mainly Cs: artistic profile.

The skills that best define you are creativity, passion, reflection and sensitivity.

You like to imagine and create, even if that means breaking moulds. You’re comfortable when you have independence and space to experiment, hence you are uncomfortable with a lack of freedom, and rigid rules. Meanwhile, practicality is not your strong point, and it's hard for you to accept that not all ideas can be brought to fruition.

Some of the professions that match your profile are those in the world of art, such as interior design, fashion design and audio-visual careers.

Mainly Ds: entrepreneur profile.

The skills that best define you are perseverance, ambition, innovation and leadership. You enjoy launching new projects and watching them grow, despite the risks involved.

You are comfy when decisions fall to you, although you need others to implement them. Conversely, you aren't comfy with routine, that's why you try to avoid monotony and patience isn't your strong point, because it's hard for you to wait to see the results.

This profile can work in almost any field, but not at any level. The positions most suited to you are those related to business management.


Remember that even though skills are important, the key lies in combining what you're good at with what you want and what society needs. In this way, you can reach your own ikigai, the Japanese concept that refers to finding your purpose in life stemming from the motivation of working in what you like doing, in what you're good at.


If you'd like to find out more about the resources and opportunities that match your profile, on the Santander Skills website you'll find made-to-measure solutions to continue to train and achieve your career goals. Go on - take the next step!


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