About us

Santander Scholarships

Santander Scholarships is a Banco Santander initiative that has been offering scholarships to university students and professionals of all ages for over 25 years. It is now one of the world’s largest scholarship programmes promoted by a private company. 

Santander Scholarships remains firmly committed to lifelong learning through #NeverStopLearning, as it seeks to meet the new needs of the labour market and promote upskilling and reskilling among university students and professionals of all ages to improve their employability.

On our platform you can find more than 400 Santander Scholarships programmes each year, with over 124,000 scholarships on offer in subjects such as technology, languages, research, soft skills, professional practices, or women’s leadership.

Our scholarships are categorised into 7 disciplines

Through Santander Universities, Banco Santander offers scholarships in the following seven disciplines and at no cost to the learner:

More than 162.000 Santander Scholarships in 2021

  • More than 139,000

    scholarships for higher education and employability

    promoting the development of professional, linguistic, digital and transversal skills, as well as academic mobility. With internship programs and orientation in the search for the first job.

  • More than 23.000

    scholarships fostered entrepreneurship

    with support programs that have provided access to training, visibility and networking resources, to emerging entrepreneurial projects.