General terms and conditions of use

1. Purpose.

These terms and conditions of use (hereinafter the "Conditions" or "Terms and Conditions") describe the terms applicable to the service provided to Internet users by Universia Holding, S.L., with registered address at Santander Group City, Avda de Cantabria s/n, 28660 Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), corporate tax ID no. B82976515 and contact email address:, (hereinafter “Universia”) via the portals:, and (hereinafter, jointly and/or separately, "the Portal").

The service provided on the portal (hereinafter the "Service") involves creating a marketplace with the universities adhered to the portal that publish grants and/or aid and/or academic project calls (hereinafter the "Programme" or the "Programmes") on it and the users registered on the portal (hereinafter the "Portal Users" or the "User/s"), so that they may interact among themselves as part of the implementation/management of the different calls published on the portal.

Any data subject that registers on the portal under any category (student/lecturer/researcher) will be recognised as a user. A "lecturer" will be understood to be anybody on the university payroll who meets the requirements for the call in question.

Any university, local unit of Santander Group, entity or company that provides one or several calls on the portal, as set out in these terms and conditions, may register as a "university" on the portal.

The portal is a global space adhered to by universities in different countries and it is connected and adapted to the needs of each centre for fulfilling and promoting calls and creating an ecosystem for driving academic activity. Via the portal, universities can create, publish and manage calls and also monitor and supervise them, access and consult statistical analyses regarding their progress and invite third-party partners to manage them.

Users that register on the portal can access the calls and search for, monitor and apply for any calls that may interest them. Users may check the status of their calls (whether monitored or applied for) and see notifications regarding the same in their user area (profile).

When accessing, using or registering on the portal, the user confirms and guarantees that they are at least 16 years old, without prejudice to there being a higher minimum age for admission to certain calls.

As regards publishing its first call, the university will be bound by the results of the Universia validation process.

When creating the call, the university declares that it has complied with all aspects of any legislation, regulation and rules applicable to the call subject area and that it has not infringed, and will not infringe, any agreement under which the university is explicitly or implicitly bound.

Universities that publish calls on the portal will be held solely responsible for the management, organisation and implementation of these calls and Universia does not assume any responsibility in this regard.

Multi-grants. - For certain calls, the portal will assign the capacity of provider to the university running a call and of administrator to the university that has been invited by the provider to jointly manage it, where applicable.

In this case, the provider declares and guarantees that it has the consent of the administrator to disclose its data to Universia for processing so that the latter may run any processes required for inviting the administrator to jointly manage and implement the pertinent call. The provider declares and guarantees that it has duly informed the administrator of the content of the privacy policy and cookies policy for the portal, particularly with regard to the processing of its personal data and its associated rights. The provider guarantees that the administrator agrees to the aforementioned policies and that it can provide proof of the latter's consent to the same.

The service is free and users and universities may withdraw from it at any time by writing to Universia at the addresses set out in the privacy policy or via their user profile.

2. User content

Content voluntarily shared on the portal by users and/or universities is jointly defined as user and/or university 'Content'. The users and universities are solely responsible for any content they share on the portal and hold Banco Santander and Universia harmless against any claims (judicial or extrajudicial) that arise or may arise due to this content. In particular, the university will be responsible for immediately informing Banco Santander and Universia if any content shared by users on the call provided by it constitutes defamation or slander against any person, company and/or association or contains forbidden items, such as a virus or spam or links to the same.

User and/or university content is subject to these terms and conditions. As the portal is international, these terms and conditions may be subject to laws applicable in the country in which the user resides and/or the university that publishes the call has its registered address.

User and/or university content must be accurate. To this effect, the user and/or university guarantees the authenticity of any content shared on the portal and Universia will not assume any responsibility in this regard.

Without prejudice to the provisions of the portal's privacy policy, each call may include its own specific privacy clauses.

3. Acceptance of these terms and conditions

Provision of the service shall be subject, at all times, to acceptance of the privacy policy, the cookies policy and these terms and conditions by the user and by the university.

To gain access to the service, the user and the university must register on the portal through the registration process provided for this purpose.

Universia reserves the right to refuse access to the portal at any time, without notice and without compensation, to any user or university that does not comply with these terms and conditions, the privacy policy or the cookies policy. If Universia has any reasonable grounds to believe that there has been any infringement of these terms and conditions, it will be entitled to delete the profile belonging to the user and to the university concerned.

4. Terms and conditions of use for the service

To log in and use the service, you must use the email and associated password recorded for the user/university. The user/university must choose their identifier (ID or log-in) and password and undertake to keep it safe and use it appropriately.

Passwords are intended for personal use only and are non-transferable, meaning that they may not be transferred to third parties, even on a temporary basis. Users/universities must take the necessary steps to keep their chosen password safe and to prevent it being used by third parties. Consequently, the user/university will be held fully responsible for any and all use made of their password. If the user/university becomes aware, or suspects, that their password is being used by third parties, they must inform Universia of this circumstance as soon as possible.

Registration on the portal is individual and personal. The user/university undertakes to keep all information provided to Universia up to date, so that it matches their true situation at all times. The user/university will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements they make and for any damage they may cause to Universia or to third parties through the information they provide.

5. Particular obligations of the university

Without prejudice to the above and pursuant to these terms and conditions, on registration forms and/or spaces for completion that may be freely configured on the portal for any of the calls, the following are strictly prohibited: (i) asking users for any information that may be contrary to the nature and purpose of the portal, legislation or ethics, e.g. content that may be considered abusive or, in any way, defamatory, discriminatory or threatening or that may cause harm to Universia or a third party or may, in any way, damage or prevent the normal working of the same, and (ii) asking for any information relating to third parties and/or any information that, by its nature, is excessive in relation to registering for the call published on the portal.

In particular, any university that includes a request for information regarding sensitive data, such as ethnic or racial origin and/or data relating to health, on registration forms and/or spaces for completion that may be freely configured on the portal for any of the calls will have to provide Universia with the regulation that allows it to collect this type of data, before the pertinent call is published. Where applicable, at Universia's request, the university will have to provide a reference to this regulation in the call terms and conditions, explaining why this data is being requested.

The university will use all the means within its reach to appropriately disseminate and promote the use of the portal and the calls published on it.

The university will include the portal logo and/or a link to the portal on its website.

During the call creation process, the portal allows the university to insert images to explain the call more clearly. In this regard and without prejudice to the provisions of these terms and conditions, the university declares and guarantees, as necessary, that it owns all or sufficient rights to allow the commercial use of the respective names, logos, trademarks and any other work/asset afforded protection under current intellectual and industrial property law that appears in any of the images for the calls created by the university.

These terms and conditions do not constitute an assignment, transfer or waiver of the university's rights in respect of assets regulated by intellectual or industrial property law. It will retain the rights over its respective names, logos, trademarks and any other asset afforded protection under current intellectual and industrial property law.

The user/university will retain all of its moral and natural intellectual property rights in respect of content it shares on the portal. Under no circumstance will the publishing of any content on the portal mean the transfer of any right in relation to the same from the data subject to other users/universities.

Any user/university carrying out transfers by virtue of these terms and conditions declares and guarantees that:

  1. They are the sole owner or are wholly entitled and authorised to make full use of all rights in respect of user content and to grant rights and licences in relation to any third-party material and/or content that appears or is included in the same or that they have secured express written authorisation from all owners and rights holders of this third-party material and/or content as necessary for granting the rights and licences mentioned here.
  2. The user/university content shared by the user on the portal does not constitute an infringement of any patent, intellectual property right, registered trademark, trade secret or any other rights of third parties;
  3. When creating the user/university content, they declare that (a) the user/university has complied in all aspects with any legislation, regulations (including, without restriction, these general terms and conditions and the legal disclaimer on the portal) and applicable regulations and (b) they have not infringed and will not infringe any agreements by virtue of which the user/university is explicitly or implicitly bound.
  4. It does not constitute defamation or slander against any person, company and/or association. It does not contain any prohibited items such as viruses or spam, or any links to same.

Lastly, the university, merely by receiving the user data, is bound to observe the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR). Specifically, pursuant to these terms and conditions, the university undertakes to:
  • Comply with the obligations set out for data controllers in the GDPR, as it acquires this status after the data disclosure regulated by the university's adherence to the portal and to these terms and conditions.
  • Allow data subjects to exercise their rights of access to and rectification, erasure and portability of their data and to restriction of and objection to processing by providing them with an address for these purposes.
  • Ensure the application of appropriate technical and organisational measures to guarantee a level of security that is appropriate for the risk.
  • Respect the confidentiality of any data obtained through the university's adherence to this portal, not disclosing it or making it available to third parties unless so required by a court or supervisory authority.

Universia likewise declares that the personal data that is going to be disclosed to the university has been obtained lawfully and in compliance with GDPR requirements. Universia declares that it has obtained the informed, freely given, specific and unambiguous consent of the users for their data to be disclosed to the university and that it has complied with all the requirements of current data protection legislation.

6. Exemption from liability

Universia offers users the chance to apply for and participate in calls and takes no responsibility for any matters relating to the same. Including but not limited to the following, Universia will not be held responsible for (i) any matters relating to the management of the calls by the university, (ii) undue use of user content by the university or (iii) any action by any user that is contrary to these terms and conditions and the purpose of the portal.

Programmes will be regulated by their pertinent terms and conditions, which must be read and accepted in advance by any user applying for that call.

7. Responsibility of the User/University

Users/universities undertake to use the service in accordance with current legislation, these terms and conditions, the principles of good faith and generally accepted usage and not to allow their actions on the portal to infringe public order or the provisions of the privacy policy and the cookies policy. Therefore, any use for unlawful purposes or that is to the detriment of, or prevents, may damage and/or overload the normal working and use of the portal, in any way, or which directly or indirectly harms any user or any third party, is prohibited.

Breach of these terms and conditions may give rise to civil or criminal judicial or extrajudicial proceedings against the user/university and the latter must hold Universia harmless in respect of any such claims, lawsuits, damages or losses it may face as a result of the infringement.

8. Queries, complaints and claims

Any user/university that has any query concerning these terms and conditions or in relation to any of the services offered on the portal or who wish to lodge a complaint, claim or suggestion may do so by sending an email to

9. Applicable jurisdiction and legislation

These terms and conditions will be governed by Spanish law. Any dispute deriving from access to or use of the portal is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Madrid, Spain.