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Test your entrepreneurial skills with our Entrepreneurship Test through the Assessment Centre and get access to free training

Entrepreneurial skills are those skills you need to start and promote your own business or social initiative, and that are increasingly important for  leading high-impact projects in an organisation.

Find out your level of entrepreneurial skills through the Assessment Centre. This is a test developed with Silicon Valley in mind, which will help you identify the skills you have developed already and those you need to strengthen in order to develop high-impact projects.

What will you receive at the end of the Entrepreneurship Test?

  • It only takes 30 minutes and you will get a report  with the results on the level of your entrepreneurial skills
  • In addition, you will receive a recommendation on the training programmes you could use to improve your skills.
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Sign up at Santander Scholarships and access the following training modules

  • Design thinking

    This course will teach you how to use an iterative methodology to innovatively solve problems from the perspective of a customer or beneficiary of a service or product and through the profound understanding of their needs.

  • Business model

    Learn how to comprehensively and coherently organise the elements needed to develop your own business idea or a project within your organisation.

  • Lean startup

    This course will help you define businesses, products or services with the aim of shortening development cycles and quickly discovering whether a proposed business model is viable.

  • Agile

    Learn to manage a methodology comprising several approaches that will allow you to develop requirements and solutions through the collective effort of self-organised teams with their customers or end-users.

  • Financing

    Learn how to raise funds for high-impact projects developing brief and persuasive presentations to stand up the value of the initiative


30 teaching hours

Take the courses at your own pace

Available in 3 languages: Spanish English or Portuguese

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Who is the Entrepreneur Test for?

  • People who are interested in starting their own business or social project and want to learn about the main tools to do so
  • Those who want to acquire entrepreneurial skills to improve their professional development in any organisation.
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