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Para Graduados, Posgraduados, estudiantes
  • Fecha de inscripción: Del 17 junio 2019 al 30 junio 2019 Berlin (GMT+02:00)
  • Número de becas ofrecidas: 20 becas
  • De Duración: one week
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Información General

WWU Summer School: European Campus of Intercultural Perspectives - August 26-30, 2019 Training in intercultural competence for international students

Join us this summer at the University of Münster (WWU) and experience the European Campus of Intercultural Perspectives (ECIP)!

Intercultural competence has become an essential skill for all people involved, be it in working life abroad or in multicultural teams in one’s home country. But what is intercultural competence? What is a culture shock? What options are there to deal with intercultural misunderstandings? How does conflict resolution work?

The Institute of Ethnology of the University of Münster and its longtime cooperation partner ESE invite you to participate in this one-week intensive programme from 26-30. August 2019 to address these questions.

No ready-made answers will be offered, instead we will investigate fundamental issues in intercultural encounters and analyse common stumbling-blocks in interaction in this globalized world.

Please find attached the programme flyer; further information and registration can also be found at:


Application Deadline: June 30th 2019.

Costs: 150€ (80€ for students of WWU and its partner universities)


You can earn two European Credits (2 ECTS) and will receive a certificate on the last day of the Summer School.

Participants will come together for two sessions per day. After work, don't miss out on exploring the beautiful city of Münster!

Información Adicional

The grant provides a co-funding of the overal course.

Remaining costs for participants: 150€ (80€ for students of WWU and its partner universities) - this fee includes registration and course materials. It does not include travel costs, accommodation, insurance or other personal expenses.

Cancellation Policy: If the participant cancels before 15 July 2018, he/she will get a full refund of the paid fee. If the participant cancels after 15 July 2018, he/she will have to pay the amount of 20 Euros, regardless of the reasons for the cancellation. If the University of Münster cancels the summer school, participants will get a full refund of the paid fee.

¿Qué incluye la beca?

Applicants shall provide a motivation letter and may contribute their own ideas for a project. Participants are requested to have a proficiency in English ( Level B2 >).


Applicants are also asked to register at:

Participants are required to have health insurance to take part in our Summer School. We recommend private liability insurance and accident insurance as well. If you need to arrange for insurance yourself, please ask your insurance agency at home if you are also covered in Germany.


Documentos asociados a la beca