Santander Universities Travel Award

University of Salford

This is an opportunity to get funding towards a travel opportunity in relation to your studies and to help gain practical experience in your field. For University of Salford Students ONLY.

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De la Universidad/es: University of Salford

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The funding can be used to help with travel, accommodation and living costs for your trip. 

This award can fund:

  • Travel for internships or work experience in your field of study
  • Study visits linked to a field of study or research.
  • Visit to an overseas conference.
  • Attendance at summer schools.

If you think there are additional factors that you want to highlight or factors we should take into account then please include them in your application.

Información General

Descripción de la beca:

Marking criteria and considerations when applying:

  • The Santander Travel Award is open to current University of Salford students ONLY .  
  • The trip will have significant personal benefits to you and will help overcome any barriers to study.
  • The trip has the potential to lead on to further projects and opportunities.  
  • The trip has links to your field of study. 
  • The trip will give you practical skills that will enhance your employability. 

All Santander Award recipients are required to participate fully in the University’s donor engagement activity as and when requested to do so. This includes, but is not limited to providing reports or updates (including photos if appropriate) on the project or work undertaken when requested by a member of University staff, which may then be included in University communications as appropriate; attending donor thank you events (usually one or two a year) when requested to by University staff; allowing details such as your name, course, project and expected year of graduation to be included in public University communications. 

Please also note that all successful Santander Universities award recipients must sign an award acceptance agreement prior to awards being confirmed, and agree to some personal information linked to or submitted as part of their application being shared with Santander Universities (a full explanation of this policy is contained in the award acceptance agreement).

A panel made up of representatives of the University, Student’s Union and Santander Bank will review all applications. 

Duración de la beca: 6 months
Importe: £500 , £1,250 , £271 , £646
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Número de becas ofrecidas: 15
Información Adicional:

Once funding has been allocated we will be in touch with further instructions on how to accept your awards.

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